Individual work
Inspired by nature...
Source can be used when you are in need of a safe and portable water source. Whether you are traveling or you do not have access to safe water at home. It is molded in silicone and covered with textile, making it foldable and easy to carry. By using Biomimicry the net is developed from the same principle as spider-webs collect humidity. The net catches the humidity and then the drops fall into the container. From the valve below you can fill your bottle with water, or tie the container together and carry the water in it. The water in the container is cleaned through the changeable filter in the valve.

I researched biomimicry early in this process and worked out how spider webs catch water. From this I braided different macrame tests and used threads to construct the shape of the model. I printed the model in SLS, and from there I primed it and painted it, and finally I glued it.

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